Our startups

Our founders are rock stars, scientists, engineers, designers, business developpers.

All of them are working hard (often late at night) to solve real-life problems! We run our program twice a year and since our launch, we have already incubated 7 startups.

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The accelerator

StartUp42 is a 4-month non-profit startup accelerator aimed at helping early-stage technology startups go from a good idea to a minimum viable product and the validation of initial market hypothesis.

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RT @CloudJedi_: "Early adopters of a product are clones of yourself and not the the real users." - @Startup42_ #FrenchTechSafari http://t.c…

"We took an ugly moment and made it fun"- Denis #TeamPulpix #StartUp42 #SU42FounderoftheWeek http://t.co/6CdY7X7a4L

RT @cagdasonen: Fransa'yı düşünen Türk girişimcilerimiz için .@Startup42_ programı sonbahar dönemi için başvuruları almaya başladı. http://…

RT @cagdasonen: It is a pleasure to meet .@Startup42_ and .@DJarjoura The program is accepting applications for the fall term: http://t.co/…

"Select investors who have clear, honest, & true belief in your success". -Etienne de Rocquigny #SU42Talks #StartUp42 http://t.co/iSZQo41sZl


Apart from our founding member, EPITA, our club partners are currently Econcom, France Télévisions, OpenDataSoft and Salesforce.com. We are also supported by a network of technology, business, media and admin partners.

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The team

Startup42 core team is composed of 4 people with different backgrounds, amazing advisors and more than 50 awesome mentors.

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